Alison Reynolds

    A veteran and versatile musician, Alison Reynolds is a multi-instrumentalist, arranger, singer and songwriter. Her musical roots go back to her childhood in the United States, with music blossoming into her passion and profession in Canada in the 1970s. Her interest in music started at age six in her hometown of El Paso, Texas when she began playing cello in elementary school. Although cello has always remained Alison’s primary instrument, she experimented with other instruments while growing up, and took up guitar while in high school in North Bay, Ontario, her family having migrated to Canada during her freshman year.

    While still in high school, Alison auditioned for and was selected to participate in a touring group of musicians sponsored by the Canadian government called “Summersounds 72”. The Summersounds tour group of 16 talented young musicians played in various small town venues in Northern Ontario, and then moved on to Ottawa and Toronto. During the tour, Alison met fellow Summersounds musician Pat Watson, a pianist and singer, and after graduating high school, joined Pat in Toronto to form a professional folk duo, Watson and Reynolds, which performed in the Toronto area and throughout Ontario for several years. The highlight of the duo’s performing days was opening for Gino Vanelli before a packed house at the Ottawa Opera House and receiving a standing ovation.

    With the addition of David James Bowen, Watson and Reynolds became the folk-rock trio Mirth, which gradually expanded to a five-piece band which recorded an album of original music called “Mirth, First Borne”. Mirth played in the Toronto area and toured throughout Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, Canada, before disbanding.

    After twelve years in Canada, Alison returned to the United States in 1980, initially settling in her hometown of El Paso where her mother had relocated, and enrolling as a music student at the University of Texas, El Paso. Here, she became a serious, classically-oriented cello student, but also founded a four-piece band called “Tularosa”, toured with a country band for the El Paso Tourist Bureau, performing in the United States, Mexico, Japan and New Zealand, worked briefly as a session musician in Las Vegas, Nevada, met her future husband, and eventually married and had two children, son Ian and daughter Caitlin.

    Alison continued to be musically involved for several years after her children were born, her infant son becoming the mascot of the symphony orchestra she played in and sometimes even being trundled off to Tularosa engagements, but after relocating to a rural area outside of El Paso, and then moving to California and even later to southern New Mexico, she gave up music almost entirely for a number of years so she could raise her children. During this period, her involvement was limited to playing cello in several symphony and community orchestras in California and New Mexico.

    With her children in college and becoming more independent, Alison relaunched her music career by forming a cello quartet, La Cella Bella. The quartet focused mostly on pop and rock music rearranged by Alison as string pieces, and enjoyed much success in the southern New Mexico and El Paso areas performing in various venues and playing at weddings and events. La Cella Bella released two CDs, one of which was pop oriented and the other focused on music for Christmas.

    More recently, Alison has returned to her singer-songwriter roots and has performed as an independent artist playing her own original songs along with a broad repertoire of folk-rock and contemporary music ranging from Bob Dylan and the Beatles to Bonnie Raitt, Eddie Vedder, Jimmy Eat World and the Killers. She employs looping technology to combine guitar, cello and vocal tracks for her live and recorded performances. Alison has released two CD’s of original music. The first CD entitled “Back to You was released in 2015, the second entitled “Sing” released in 2016, and a third presently in the recording stage. Her recorded music and promotional items are available on her website:

    Alison plays Martin and Ovation guitars and a 104-year old Czechoslovakian